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(785) 537-2244
2601 Anderson
Manhattan, KS
Hawk Tamara J Lscsw
(785) 539-7789
200 Southwind
Manhattan, KS
Harper Cheryl H Phd Lscsw
(785) 537-9029
1420 Jarvis Dr
Manhattan, KS
Mccoy Sandra J Phd
(785) 539-9600
1125 Laramie
Manhattan, KS
Pawnee Mental Health Svc
(785) 587-4300
2001 Claflin Rd
Manhattan, KS
Mental Health Professional

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Cornerstone Family Counseling Center
(785) 776-4105
1408 Poyntz
Manhattan, KS
Angela Gieber Hayes, MS, CLC
(785) 539-9933
1661 Kingwood
Manhattan, KS
Clyatt-Dunphy Emma Lscsw
(785) 313-1401
210 Southwind
Manhattan, KS
Grace Thomas
(785) 587-4310
2001 Claflin Rd
Manhattan, KS

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Mental Health Associates Pa
(785) 539-8934
1625 Leavenworth St
Manhattan, KS
Mental Health Professional, Psychologist

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Yoga For Anger Management

Anger is described as a strong feeling of displeasure. It comes in several forms, including outrage, frustration, jealousy, resentment, fury, and hatred. It also masquerades as judgment, criticism, and even boredom. Try yoga or meditation to help you get in touch with your feelings and release pent up feelings.
How could Yoga really help you with anger management?

Yoga helps develop awareness at all levels, and you must be able to identify the “triggers” to losing self-control. Yoga asanas and mudras (hand gestures) help to control anger. It helps you to be less harsh with yourself when you fail; also it improves your outlook and builds an insight about the source of your problem which triggers anger in you.

Yoga therapy, like all other medications and therapies should be administered for some time for optimum results. Yoga has proven it’s efficacy in combating and helping individuals cope with a variety of psychosomatic disorders, emotions and feelings. Anger is one of the foremost of them. Attending Yoga classes will bring your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being into focus. You will learn Yogic relaxation techniques at the end of most Yoga classes.

For more info on yoga asanas visit –

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