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Deborah Parker
(530) 672-6168
Rescue, CA
Strength Building, Weight Loss, Rehabilitation, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Body Sculpting
Schedule Type
National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America. Fitness and Nutrition Professional Diploma from Penn Foster and three levels of mat and reformer Phi Pilates and APEX certifications
Fitness and Nutrition Professional Diploma from Penn Foster
General Information
30 years old (trains both men and women)

Hot Yoga At Sunrise
(916) 631-7749
4009 Bridge Street
Sacramento, CA
Yoga Styles
Hot Yoga / Bikram Style & Vinyasa Flow

Ananda Center
(916) 361-0891
10450 Coloma Rd
Rancho Cordova, CA
Yoga Styles
Ananda, Hatha, Raja, Kriya

Yoga for Fitness Studio
916-660-9642/ 916-771-9642
3853 D Taylor Road
Loomis, CA
Yoga Styles
Hatha and Ashtanga

Around the Om
(609) 276-7489
PO Box 1225
Lincoln, CA
Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Inc.
(916) 376-8416
2101 Stone Boulevard, Suite 115
West Sacramento, CA
Yoga, Wellness Training, Substance Abuse, Stress Management, Spiritual Attunement, Qi Gong, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Pain Management, Mind/Body Medicine, Meditation, Legal Medicine, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Family Practice, EMDR, Cognitive Therapy, Art Therapy, Addiction, Acupuncture
Membership Organizations
American Holistic Medical Association

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Lotus Garden Meditation Center
916-944-8577, 1-800-655-9994
7225 Lincoln Ave
Carmichael, CA
Yoga Styles
Yoga Asana I/II, Tai Chi, Meditation, Re

Sattva Mind Body Conditioning
(916) 708-0977
4945 Forest Creek Way
Granite Bay, CA
Yoga Styles

Yoga Teacher
(901) 831-5206
6033 Aldea Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA
Yoga Styles

Pacific Fitness Center
(530) 823-7458
11800 Enterprise Dr.
Auburn, CA
Yoga Styles
Kripalu, Iyengar, Ananda, Flow, Ashtanga

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Yoga Firms Your Body

Approaching middle age and beyond, we complain about losing our youth, vitality, energy, and our firm and youthful-looking bodies. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and begins to wrinkle and sag. Our face starts getting wrinkled; excess skin gathers around our bellies and on the backsides of our arms. It reminds us that if we don’t do something soon, we’ll look much older than we feel.

Loss of body tone is a natural phenomenon of aging and goes beyond making us look older. It impedes circulation and contributes to ill health. There are many ways to counter the loss of body tone and improve circulation. Most involve physical activities; such as running, jogging, racquet sports, swimming, gym workouts, and so on. All are effective, yet everybody do not prefer outdoor activities.

A principal impediment to maintaining a disciplined exercise program is that the older we become, the more difficult is to maintain a regular workout. The body resists and there is never enough time. It always seems like more we need to exercise, the harder it is. Yet in order for exercise to be effective, consistency over time is required.

When time is limited, we usually focus on one or two activities and tend to “just do it” without an appropriate warm-up or cool-down. In a best-case scenario, “just doing it” leads to boredom and a worse case scenario leads to injury. Although cross training is essential for maximizing physical health, we don’t make time for engaging in multiple sporting activities much less take time for effective warming-up, and cooling-down. This is when yoga becomes so advantageous.

Not only is yoga a fabulous cross training tool for virtually all sports, it is in itself, a total fitness package encompassing hundreds of different exercises, both aerobic and non-aerobic. Yet yoga goes well beyond athletics. Through its controlled and precise breathing; and through its strengthening, stretching, and endurance bui...

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