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Abelardo Cruz, MD
(402) 894-1431
19814 Elkhorn Ridge Dr
Elkhorn, NE
Geriatrics, Geriatric Medicine-Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
Medical School: Univ Of The Philippines, Coll Of Med, Manila, Philippines
Graduation Year: 1993
Hospital: Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Omaha, Ne
Group Practice: Physicians Clinic

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Ronald L. Korbelik, DPM
(402) 721-2698
Foot Clinic , 850 N. Main St.
Fremont, NE
Robert W. Saeger, DPM
(402) 753-9208
(HOME)650 Heatherwood Dr.
Fremont, NE
James T. Vukonich, DPM
(402) 426-1239
Memorial Community Hospital , 810 N. 22nd St.
Blair, NE
Gleason Chiropractic
(402) 763-9685
204 Washington St
Waterloo, NE

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Charles M. Halverson, DPM
(402) 721-7171
Foot Care Center , 1540 N. Bell
Fremont, NE
Lawrence G. Lefler, DPM
(402) 721-5742
Fremont, NE
Elizabeth Marie Klawitter, DPM
(402) 493-1355
Omaha, NE
Howard D. Pachman, DPM
(402) 556-9913
Omaha, NE
Misty A Janssen
(402) 727-1091
710 Reynolds Road
Fremont, NE
Family Practice

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Yoga For Gout

How to cure gout naturally with Yoga.

Gout is a condition characterized by severe attacks of inflammation in single joints, which come on suddenly (acutely) and rapidly reach a peak of extremely severe pain and then subside. There are many methods of treating gout. Some of the home remedies you can try out for the gout patients are listed as follows:
1. Cherry Juice – They have anti-inflammatory properties and will not let uric acid to increase in the blood and also prevent it from accumulating in the joints which causes pain.
2. Water – Increasing the intake of water will flush out the excess uric acid through urine; this will also prevent the formation of kidney stones.
3. Charcoal Poultice – This is extremely helpful in case of gout. You need to make a paste by mixing charcoal and few tablespoons of flaxseed powder along with water. Apply this paste on the affected area where you have pain. After applying the paste cover it with plastic/cloth.

Having said few of the home remedies, I would like to mention Yoga as one of the best treatment for curing gout. Yoga, with its gentle asanas and pranayama can be good for gout patients. The postures and exercises can stretch muscles, loosen joints and improve circulation in the entire body. Controlled and steady movements are best for gout patients. Some of the asanas that are recommended for treating gout includes: Ekpadsahajhasta Bhujangasana, Hastashirasana, Januhastasana, Swastikasana, Makarasana, Pa...

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