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Barry E Knopp
(207) 743-2866
POB 712 
Norway, ME
Medicare Accepted: No
Workmens Comp Accepted: No
Accepts Uninsured Patients: No
Emergency Care: No

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Dr. Jason Davis
Davis Chiropractic
(207) 782-3330
16 Highland Spring Road
Lewiston, ME
Back pain,Chronic pain,Leg pain,Lower back pain,Neck pain,Upper back pain
Activator techniques,Chiropractic adjustment,Chiropractic care,Diet & nutritional counseling,Massage therapy,Rehabilitation,Spinal manipulation,Thompson
American Board of Chiropractic,Maine Board of Chiropractic

Morin Chiropractic Ctr
(207) 784-8002
415 Rodman Rd
Auburn, ME

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Lewiston Veterinary Hospital
(207) 782-8121
75 Stetson Road
Lewiston, ME

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Gray Family Vision Center
(207) 657-4488
6 Turnpike Acres Rd
Gray, ME

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Barry Knopp
(207) 743-2866
PO Box 712
Norway, ME
Barry Knopp

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Gerald A Nadeau DC
(207) 777-1104
336 Ctr St
Auburn, ME
Mon 09:00 AM-06:00 PM;Tue 09:00 AM-12:00 PM;Wed 09:00 AM-06:00 PM;Thu 09:00 AM-06:00 PM

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Cyr Chiropractic Center
(207) 784-5120
155 Ctr St
Auburn, ME
Mon 08:00 AM-05:30 PM;Tue 12:00 PM-04:00 PM;Wed 08:00 AM-05:30 PM;Thu 08:30 AM-05:30 PM;Fri 08:00 AM

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Androscoggin Animal Hospital
(207) 729-4678
457 Foreside Rd
Topsham, ME

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Maine Optometry
(207) 865-2050
5 Depot St., Suite 14
Freeport, ME

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Neck Stretches For A Stiff Neck

Simple neck stretches to keep your neck muscles flexible and strong.

Today all offices rely on computers for all kinds of work. Working on computers for long hours often result in neck and back pain. Incorporating Yoga into your daily life can help relieve these problems.

Here is a set of exercise which can be very beneficial in relieving a stiff neck and the good thing is that you can practice it in the confines of your office, without taking the time out to visit a gym or a yoga studio.

Simple Neck Stretches

  1. Start in seated position (cross legged).
  2. Sit up tall, reaching up through the top of the head.
  3. Draw shoulders back Exhale, drop chin towards chest, keeping elbows and shoulders pulled back.
  4. Inhale, raise the head back to center.
  5. Do this five times, then on the last exhale, drop the chin and stay in this position for three breaths, breathing through the nose.
  6. Inhale, raise head back to center.
  7. Exhale, slowly drop right ear towards right shoulder.
  8. Inhale, raise head back to center.
  9. Do this five times, then on the last exhale, drop the ear towards the right shoulder and stay in this position for 3 breaths.
  10. Inhale, raise head back to center.
  11. Repeat on left side.

Caution: If you suffer from spondilytis, please consult your doctor before taking this up.

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