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Local resource for yoga therapy in Middletown, NY. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to yoga therapy, meditation yoga, yoga training as well as information on yoga depression therapy and content on yoga.

Susan Turner
(917) 447-5172
280 Sugarloaf Mtn. Rd.
Chester`, NY

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Yoga Life Style
(845) 469-6699
42 Leone Lane (Behind Chem Cor)
Chester, NY
Yoga Styles

(800) 830-4024
84 Pine Island Tpk
Warwick, NY
Yoga Styles
Iyengar based

American Society of Internal Arts
(973) 670-6582
POB 598
Unionville, NY
Yoga Styles
complementary to yoga - tai chi, etc.

Port Jervis Yoga
(845) 856-5467
4 South St
Port Jervis, NY
Yoga Styles

Yoga for Well-Being
(845) 651-9642
2 Industrial Drive
Florida, NY
Yoga Styles
Krishnamacharya Tradition

Pure Symmetry Fitness
(845) 744-6769
99 Depot Street
Pine Bush, NY
Yoga Styles
mixed level

Iroquois Springs Retreat Center
(877) 700-5354
66 Bowers Road
Rock Hill, NY
Yoga Styles
All Welcome

Ananda Ashram/Yoga Society of NY, Inc
845-492-1719 or 845-530-0035
13 Sapphire Road
Monroe, NY
Yoga Styles

Integral Nutrition - Inner Yoga Ashram @ Wellness Springs
(973) 200-3598
489 Rt 32
Highland Mills, NY
Yoga Styles

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Yoga Therapy

Combination of age-old concepts and techniques with contemporary medical and psychological know-how.

Yoga therapy is the method of combining age old concept of Yoga with modern medical techniques. In this therapy, an assessment of the medical conditions is taken into consideration for drawing up a yoga practice. Ideally, yoga therapy is preventive in nature, as is Yoga itself, while being curative in many instances, soothing in others, and restorative in most.

Yoga Therapy has been found to be beneficial to patients suffering from low back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, asthma, hypertension, anxiety and depression. Yoga therapy can also be devised in case of pregnancy to help the expectant mother prepare for child birth as well as deal with health conditions experienced during pregnancy. Yoga therapy can also benefit the elderly and help them lead a healthy life.

Yoga therapy involves the following:

Asanas to tone up muscles and internal organs. This revitalizes the body and also relaxes the mind. This isturn helps prevent and cure diseases.

Pranayamas involves technique of proper breathing.

Kriyas includes set of exercises which helps clean up the entire system.

Yogic Diet is the completely balanced diet. Following the diet can rehabilitate the entire system.

Relaxation – Savasana is the yoga posture for complete relaxation of not just the body but also the mind.

Meditation to stabilize the mind and increase concentration and willpower.

With re...

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