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Spa 80 For Women
(605) 342-8080
512 Main St #5
Rapid City, SD
Yoga Styles
YogaFit, & Hatha

Yoga Studio
(605) 390-2320
2050 West Main St #3
Rapid City, SD
Elements Massage Therapy and Bodywork
(605) 545-2306
822 Main St
Rapid City, SD
Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center
(605) 995-2468
Mitchell, SD
Yoga Styles

Spa 80 For Women
(605) 342-8080
512 Main St #5
Rapid City, SD
Yoga Styles
YogaFit, & Hatha

All About Pilates
(605) 280-8311
3405 Sturgis Rd
Rapid City, SD
Weight Room
(605) 348-5070
601 12th St Ste 4
Rapid City, SD
Stretch Studio LLC
(605) 484-0108
611 Main St
Rapid City, SD
Quantum Specialties
(605) 722-3325
716 W. McClellan
Lead, SD
Yoga Styles

Health Basket
(605) 338-4438
3301 E. 26th Street Suite 99
Sioux Falls, SD
Yoga Styles
Vinyasa Flow

Office Yoga Techniques

Some simple techniques for doing yoga in office

Hi all!

As promised in my last blog, I will tell you about some simple techniques for doing yoga at office.

Technique for attaining right posture:

It is often seen that we fail to attain the correct posture whether standing or sitting and soon we start suffering from back problems. This simple exercise will help you to keep the position of your spine in order.
  • Place your feet¬† apart and bend forward.
  • Then look down at your feet. Your feet should be parallel (||).
  • If you are sitting, ensure that your hips and your knees are in right angles.
  • Sit straight and tall at the edge of your chair.

Technique for de-stressing yourself:

It is often seen that we yawn heavily at the start of the day or in the post-lunch session. This indicates that we are terribly stressed out. This breathing technique will help you to release your stress.

  • Put your right thumb on your right nostril.
  • Deeply breathe in and out the air using your left nostril.
  • Similarly press your left nostril with your right index finger.
  • Inhale and exhale as much as air you can.
  • Practice this for 1 minute.
Techniques for neck training:

While sitting on a chair or in front of the computer, your neck gets affected the most  and at times leading to spondylitis. Try this to avoid spondylitis.
  • Keep your hands on your waist and slowly lower your chin so that your neck is relaxed.
  • Your entire body should be straight while you are doing this exercise.
  • Hold 2/3 breath with you neck lowered.
  • Gradually lift up your neck to its neutral position.
  • Then lower you right ear to your right shoulder and repeat the same for the left side.
  • Finally rotate your entire neck from its right to the central neutral position. Keep 2-3 breaths for areas where you need a relaxation.
  • Repeat the same for the left side.

Technique for eye exercise:

It is the eyes which get the most affected  while...

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