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Curves For Women
(660) 826-8757
1400 S Limit Ave # 6
Sedalia, MO
Paul Klover Soccer Association
(660) 829-2185
4001 32nd St W
Sedalia, MO
Powerhouse Gym
(660) 827-6663
2424 S Limit Ave
Sedalia, MO
Curves Sedalia MO
1400 S. Limit Ave., Ste. 28B
Sedalia, MO
Programs & Services
Aerobics, Body Sculpting, Cardio Equipment, Cardio Equipment, Circuit Training, Group Exercise Studio, Gym Classes, Gym Equipment, Gym Sports, Silver Sneakers, Zumba

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Midamerica Tae Kwon DO
(660) 829-5425
401 S Lamine Ave
Sedalia, MO
Curves Sedalia
1400 S. Limit Ave.
Sedalia, MO
Diet Center
(660) 827-5010
2700 W Broadway Blvd
Sedalia, MO
Sedalia Athletic Club
(660) 826-0053
207 Thompson Road
Sedalia, MO
Backbone of Health Wellness Center the
(660) 829-2225
1801 W Main St
Sedalia, MO
Perusich Chiropractic the Backbone of Health
(660) 829-2225
1801 W Main St
Sedalia, MO
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Yoga for Kids

Can yoga help your children?


Over the past few days, we discussed Padmasana, Ardha-Padmasana and  Talasana poses.  Today, we will take a break from these poses and discuss some other aspects of yoga.

Well, some of my readers have sent me Emails asking me what is the ideal age for a person to take up yoga and whether their children are allowed to do yoga or not? On this, I would like to say just one line which will answer all their queries: ¬† Yoga is not only for adults , it’s also for children.

Yes, it is absolutely true that yoga is for all ages.¬† Try and recall that in my earlier posts, I have already mentioned that yoga is the only medicine which doesn’t have any side effects. This amply proves that children can definitely take up yoga as it will not harm them in any way. Rather, children will¬† derive multiple benefits from yoga.

It is usually observed that not many children are sent to  attend the yoga classes but one has to acknowledge the fact that children too have a stressful life and yoga brings relief and relaxes the body.  Children can overcome their stress and pressure with the help of yoga.

Yoga at an early age helps in building up concentration and a sense of calm. Besides the children gain physical and mental  strength too.  Children also learn self esteem and co-operation which soon becomes a personality trait helping them in the long run.

The benefits of yoga are far reaching and parents...

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