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Yoga in the Woods
(810) 636-7204
12380 Hegel Rd.
Goodrich, MI
Yoga Styles
Astanga/Basic Hatha/Workshops/Retreats/teacher training

Ethos Center for Yoga and Therapeutic Arts
(248) 328-YOGA
113 S. Saginaw
Holly, MI
Yoga Styles

Integrative Medicine and Yoga Center
(248) 623-2222
6060 Dixie HWY.
Clarkston, MI
Yoga Styles
Integral yoga, Meditative yoga

(810) 238-7621
310 E 3rd St
Flint, MI
Woodhaven Bally Total Fitness
23303 Allen Rd
Woodhaven, MI
Programs & Services
Cardio Equipment, Child Center, Group Exercise Studio, Parking, Personal Training, Pilates, Reaction Cycling, Sauna, Steam Room, Tanning, Yoga

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Mountain Light Yoga
(810) 629-0590
13341 Crane Ridge Dr.
Fenton, MI
Yoga Styles
Sivananda, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha

Samadhi Yoga Center
(810) 659-3204
6429 W. Pierson Road Suite 9
Flushing, MI
Yoga Styles
Hatha, Ashtanga, Intro to Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow

Samadhi Yoga Center
(810) 659-3204
425 W. Vienna Street Suite 3
Clio, MI
Yoga Styles
Hatha, Ashtanga, Intro to Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow

Yoga Loft And Sharp Fitness
(810) 232-2210
555 S Saginaw St
Flint, MI
American Fitness Partners
(616) 284-3444
5169 Northland Dr. NE
Grand Rapids, MI
Programs & Services
24-hr Operations, Aerobics, Cardio Equipment, Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Group Exercise Studio, Gym Classes, Indoor Bike, Parking, Personal Training, Pilates, Stair Climber, Stationary Bikes, Step Class, Tanning, Treadmill, Weight Machines, Yoga, Zumba

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Yoga Improves Memory

Memory is the ability to retain and recall information as and when required. Memory capacity is the ability to analyze and process the assimilated information and not raw data storage alone. Memory power varies from one individual to another.

Yoga and Memory: are linked by an umbilical cord

Memory is critical to our daily lives. Throughout the day, we are constantly flooded with information, data and new happenings/developments/facts. Thus our mind has its natural way to sieve out only the information that is relevant or useful to us. Thus it is important that we train our minds accordingly and ensure a healthy state of functioning.

Yoga provides an excellent tool for improving memory power and fighting forgetfulness

The brain functions of attention, cognition, processing of sensory information and visual perception are honed with yogic practices. Yogic practices hatha yoga, which is a medley of asanas, pranayama, meditation and Om chanting increase blood feed to the brain. This helps in soothing mind and enhances concentration.
Memory power is given a boost, while also improving the ability to maintain focus and concentration.

  • YOGA ASANA: Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana are the two main asana, which are a great remedy to all your physical and mental problems.
  • PRANAYAMA: In pranayama, the mind is focused on the breath as it flows in and out of the body. Oxygen and prana (energy) levels in mind and body also elevate due to the regulation of breath. Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and Brahmari Pranayam are the best. They improve the memory power and alleviate forgetfulness.
  • OMKAR CHANTING: Here you inhale air from one nostril and exhale through the other. While you breathe in from one nostril you need to close the other one with your thumb and while breathing out release your thumb.
  • Open-Legged Forward Bend and Sirshasana are some other yoga practices that strengthen memory.

There are some yogic techniques that exclusively stimulate the brain and nervous system to improve memory and concentration.

  • Dharana: or the practice of Concentration: is known to yoke the wandering mind. This relieves strain on the mind. Mental strength increases. Efficiency and effectiveness of work is known to improve. The daily practice of dharana reduces the wavering attitude of mind with peace and mental calm settling into life. Moreover it trains the mind to become clear, focused and directional.
  • Meditation: is a step beyond Dharna...

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