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Evolving Wellness
(941) 320-3697
3627 Webber St. Suite B

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Yoga One in Paradise
(941) 284-9663
251 Tamiami Trail
Venice, FL
Yoga Styles
Hatha: Gentle - Multi/level - Chair - Ki

Ilse's Yoga for Every Age
(941) 204-0095
1316 Eppinger Dr.
North Port, FL
Yoga Styles
Hatha, Kundalini

Yoga Teacher
Mariner Lane
Rotonda West, FL
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Garden Of Heart Yoga
(941) 341-9781
1509 Edgar Pl
Sarasota, FL
Yoga with Ellen
(941) 320-6234
503 Acacia Lane
Nokomis, FL
Yoga Styles
imixed lineages

Feel Better Now Kripalu Yoga and Meditation
(941) 952-0960
2916 Marshall Drive
Sarasota, FL
Yoga Styles
Kripalu Yoga and Meditation

(941) 697-7284
10468 Raymond Street
Englewood, FL
Yoga Styles
Hatha - Freedom Style

Yoga From Heart
(941) 929-9878
2010 Pine Ter Ste B
Sarasota, FL
Rosemary Court Yoga & Massage
(941) 952-5280
810 Central Ave
Sarasota, FL
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Yoga for Sportsman - Yoga benefits for sportsman

Yoga benefits for sportsman

Yoga should be a part of the everyday life of a sportsman. Yoga can improve the performance of any sport. Yoga releases stress and creates inner peace and also trains the body, mind and spirit to become strong and flexible. The benefits of yoga are observed and written by successful athletes and sportsmen. Another very important point to note is that yoga is not very time consuming, regular yoga practice lasts from 30 min 1.30 hours.

There are unlimited benefits of yoga if one does it religiously. We all know that yoga increases the flexibility of the muscles but one also gains balance and poise from the various yoga poses. The different yoga postures imports strength to the body . The deep breathing exercise which forms the fundamental part of yoga helps to send oxygen to the body cells. Yoga improves and complements the ability of the athlete in any sport that he chooses. Yoga also brings about coordination between body and mind and this enables them to function efficiently. Stiffness of the back is a common problem among cyclists. Yoga back postures could heal this stiffness; also the stretching poses could heal the stiffness of the legs and shoulders. People who play golf are prone to uneven muscular development because when a golfer swings he uses the same muscle group all the time and this cause's muscular tension. Yoga Postures stretch these muscles and eases the muscular tension. For any sportsman yoga could be taken up as a warm up and warm down routine.

Yoga also improves blood circulation. It strengthens deep connective tissues preventing or minimizing injuries. The deep breathing or Pranayam in yoga builds up one's life force energies and boosts up the immune system. It also increases stamina. Yoga trains the body to create strength through breathing control. This could be particularly applied for people who play tennis. Deep breathing exercises helps the tennis players as holding the breath at points of exertion takes a great deal of energy that could be used by players during long sets or matches . With the regular practice of balancing yoga poses, the athlete is able to perform stunts which demands right balance of the body. The athlete while performing stunts remains centered and injury free because whenever he experiences imbalance, his body immediately recovers the balance on its own .

The benefits which yoga can give to a sportsman cannot be overlooked. Yoga builds energy in a non-aggressive mann...

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