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Davida Constant
(813) 240-1375
Tampa, FL
Strength Building, Weight Loss, Rehabilitation, back problems
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I earned a B.S. from California State University Sacramento, and am certified as a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and Sports Nutrition Adviser.I have taken many courses including Back Injury Prevention, Core Training,including stability balls, , Functional Senior Fitness, Exercises for Scoliosis, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition and many more.
General Information
45 years old (trains female only)

Weight Loss Innovations
(813) 286-8200
4100 W Kennedy Blvd., Suite 102
Tampa, FL
Tampabay Weight Loss Clinic
(813) 830-9486
4730 N Habana Avenue
Tampa, FL
Rejuvenate Your Life Weight Loss & Wellness Center
(813) 960-3436
4102 W Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL
Matthew Collins
(813) 316-6880
Apollo Beach, FL
Strength Building, Body Building, Weight Loss, Body Sculpting
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General Information
20 years old (trains both men and women)

Surgical Weight Loss Center At University Community Hospital
(813) 615-7077
3115 E 138th Avenue
Tampa, FL
Results Weight Loss
(813) 282-3277
1401 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
Samantha Taylor
(813) 909-4939
Lutz, FL
Strength Building, Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, women
Schedule Type
Certified Personal Trainer through ASFA
I have been certified personal trainer through IFPA. I have been certified for 14 years and have trained close to 1000 women. I was a pre-med student for a few years where I learned a lot about how the body functions. I have read hundreds of books on health and fitness, I have written two books. I have a lot of education with the "School of Hard Knocks!" from my own challenges and have successfully helped thousands have success from learning from my struggles.
General Information
36 years old (trains female only)

Shona Carcary
(813) 453-1782
Tampa, FL
Strength Building, Weight Loss, Aerobics, Body Sculpting
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American Council on Exercise The American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists
Trained teacherGroup fitness instructorPersonal TrainerCoachNutrition Specialist/Manager
General Information
45 years old (trains female only)

Results Weight Loss Inc
(863) 688-3279
101 W Main St
Lakeland, FL

Yoga and Weight Loss

Changing lifestyle plays a key role in building fat!

With the onward march of civilization, man with a zealous passion has aimed at improving his ways of life. A harmonious blend of curiousity, intelligence and zest to find solutions to the challenges faced, has enabled him to ameliorate and hike living standards. Unparalleled techno-cool machines and gadgets have aided him to reduce labour, mechanize work and redeem time. Formerly the task which would demand sweat of the brow and hours of intense labour, can niftily be done, by a few smart presses of buttons!

But this transition in lifestyle, is packaged with grave problems. The exercising quotient has dipped certainly, but without harmonious toning down of food habits it is bound to meddle with normal healthy physiology. A sedentary lifestyle (with a majority of the people bound to desk jobs, or jobs not involving physical exertion), excess intake of food than required levels, the junk food (food high on calorific values, low in nutrition and detrimental to health) magnet playing strong have cumulatively gravitated a morbid monster called "obesity". People are getting restless as to how to beat the bulge and cut on calories.

Yoga comes in as the savior! Yoga can be defined as an exercise to stimulate and harmonize all levels of a biological system, physical, mental and spiritual. It is a powerful tool to burn calories and return to or maintain shape as it offers a holistic and versatile means of losing weight. Many people also choose to combine yoga with running, walking or other aerobic exercise in order to reach their weight loss goals.

How Yoga Helps Burn Calories..

The effect of Yoga on our body is simple yet extremely effective.

  • Mobilization of fats: Certain breathing techniques (including 'Bhastrika' and 'Suryabhedana') massage the abdomen and the fat stored around organs. This activates the fat and makes it easier to burn off. The deep breathing in Yoga increases the oxygen intake to the cells of our body, including the fat cells which burn in contact with oxygen.

  • Increased metabolism: Some breathing techniques help stimulate sluggish or inactive glands (specially the thyroid glands), helping them increase their hormonal output and abet weight loss.

  • Awareness: One school of thought purports that it is the mind/body awareness creation in yoga which is of pivotal importance. Such awareness may translate to different eating habits, and more care regarding what kind of food one puts into the body. People who have greater body awareness may also notice when they feel full and stop eating. This belief actually suggests that it is not the exercise but the philosophy of regular yoga practice that may result in weight loss.

8 Well Researched Tips As To Why One Should Resort To Yoga To Cut Flab..

  1. Yoga offers a highly directed and target specific means for losing weight, for eg. if one wants to reduce one's waistline or hips, particular yoga's are available ...

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